This Portable Emergency Light Tower from Arth is easy to carry and comes with a vast range.

Model No- PELT-4M
Portable emergency lighting system consisting one Gen set, Tower/Telescopic collapsible mast/Vertical mast, LED Luminaire, Supporting kits, Tool Kits, Storage box for tool kit (Tool kit list to be furnihed by seller at the time of supply): Yes
Rating of Generator set (in KVA) (Minimum): 0.5 KVA
Number of cylinder in the Engine: 2 Cylinder
Minimum continuous working hours: 4 hours
Gen set fuel tank capacity (Minimum) - in litres: 3 litres
Type of fuel: Petrol
Minimum System Lumens: 30000
IP rating of LED Luminaire: IP65
Ruggedised Storage Box for main equipment: No
Tower Construction
Minimum height of Tower/Telescopic collapsible mast/Vertical Mast with light source (in meters from base ground level): 4
Material of Tower/Telescopic collapsible mast /Vertical Mast: Aluminum
Minimum thickness of Tower/ Telescopic collapsible mast/Vertical Mast material (+/-5%):3 mm
Method of step up and step down of Tower/ Telescopic collapsible mast/Vertical Mast:Pnumatic
Step up and step down time of Tower/ Telescopic collapsible mast/Vertical Mast:
The strength of the Tower/ Telescopic collapsible mast/Vertical Mast tower is to provide support for it to remain erect at wind speed of: 40 km/hr
LED Luminaire construction
LED Luminaire conformity to IS:10322/Part 5/Section 5/2012 latest and IS: 16107 (Part 2/Sec 1):2012 latest: Yes
Photo biological safety of LEDs used shall be as per IS:16108/2012 (exempt group): Yes
LED Modules as per the IS: 16103(Part-2)/2012: Yes
Luminaire System Efficacy (Lumen/watt): >/= 100 Lm/Watt
LED chip Efficacy: ≥130 Lm/Watt
Colour temperature (+/-500K): 6000K
Working life for LED (Minimum 50,000 burning hours as per LM-80 report):>/= 50,000 burning hours
Colour Rendering Index(CRI): ≥70
Optic lensemateral (UV stabilised): Poly carbonate lense
Generator Set Construction
Generator Set: Recoil start portable AC Generating set comprising AC Generator with declared rating 230 V Single Phase of unit power factor conforming to IS:13364 (Part 1/92) and petrol run air cooled four stroke single cylinder engine with resettable circuit breaker in the AC output: Yes
Type of mounting: Without trolley
Engines shall conforming to IS:7347/1974 (Reaffirmed in 2006) latest: Yes
Alternator shall conforming to IS: 13364 (Part 1)/1992 (Reaffirmed 2003) latest: Yes
System should work on 220/230V, 50 Hz AC supply and for connecting to the mains shall have provision for 15 Amps 3 Pin/2 pin Socket and a suitable lead wire with plugs at both ends: Yes
The Luminaires casing/housing (single piece housing) shall be pressure die casted aluminium alloy with higher thermal conductivity: Yes
The luminaire body must be corrosion resistant powder coated: Yes
All fastners must be of stainless steel: Yes
Extruded silicon loop gasket shall be provided to ensure a weather proof seal between the UV Glass cover and the metal housing to exclude the entry of the dust, water, insects etc.,: Yes
Luminaries light transparency should be of Toughened glass: Yes
Toughned transparent glass cover thickness: >/=4 mm
Toughned Glass shall not get discoloured shall not suffer degration due to heat and ageing within warranty period: Yes
Heat sink should be die-cast aluminium along with sufficient heat sink fins to dissipate heat effectively: Yes
Operating temperature range: -20 deg. C to +50 deg. C
Date of manufacture (month-year), and lot number as identification mark inside of each unit: Yes