The most suited for Security Professionals, Arth's Portable Body Light comes with multiple functions like Gravity Sensor, Rechargable Batteries and much more.

Portable body light with series of LED Red/Blue/Yellow/White Flashing lights in vertical/horizontal sides and atleast one LED white reading light : YES
Flashing light attracts attention from all sides to protect the night officer/guard/patrol officer White reading light acts as a torch to see in dark or read documents : YES
The body light shall be suitable to fix at shoulder / front pocket easily : YES
Body light mounting type ( in case of clip type material shall be stainless steel/polycarbonate and in case of magnet, material shall be NB-42 or equivalent) : Clip Mount
Casing material : Polycarbonate
Battery charging cord and adapter (Adapter shall comply with BIS CRS) shall be provided : YES
Battery charing time (in hours) :
Ingress protection class of the body light (As per IS - 10322 part 1) : IP64
Gross weight of body light (in grams) :
Automatic gravity sensor operation for Body light of LEDs : YES
Light out put (in Lumen) : 300
Dimension of body light in mm (L mm x W mm x H mm) : 80x40x30
Continuous light operation time at maximum Lumen output (in hours) : >/=18
Facility for central emergency button to lightup all LEDs in full power mode : YES
The portable body light shall pass the drop test : upto 1.5 meter
Operating Temperature Range ( In Deg C ) : -10 deg C to +60 deg C
Warranty : >/=2 Years
Facility to reduce power / intensity of lights : YES
One hand operated switch : YES
Battery should be Lithium-ion/Lithium-Polymer and it should be rechargeable : YES
Battery capacity (in mAh) :
Built in battery charging arrangement : Yes, with Micro USB